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Vocational Economic Analyst

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Fee Schedule  /  Fee Structure


Some people believe that an expert is in the employment of one side or the other. Such experts quickly lose credibility. I am able to help both plaintiff and defense attorneys deal with unrealistic demands by the opposing side. I have a well-deserved reputation in that regard. Over the years it has only occurred a couple of times that I could not be of assistance. In such unusual cases I only charge an hourly rate ($275) for the work that I did.

Despite the fact that I have many years of experience and a very strong history of helping both plaintiff and defense attorneys with difficult cases, I have managed to keep my fees down by keeping overhead low. I have no bookkeeping staff and this should be kept in mind when terms of payment are discussed. Reductions in fees are available for clients who provide a volume of cases.

Vocational Report involving an estimate of ability to earn money but without any estimation of work-life.

This is used in matrimonial cases and in personal injury or medical malpractice cases where the attorney is using an economist.

  • $2,000 with a telephone interview.
  • $2,500 with a face-to-face interview.

Vocational/Economic Analysis.

This is the standard report for personal injury and medical malpractice cases. No economist is needed.

  • Present value and future value calculations are provided.
  • $2,300 with a telephone interview.
  • $2,700 with a face-to-face interview.

Analysis of Loss of Value of Household Services.

This quantifies the value of the loss of ability to perform unpaid work around the home in both present value and future value.

  • $600 with a telephone interview
  • $840 with a face-to-face interview.
    • If combined with a Vocational Economic Analysis it is $360
    • Combined with a Vocational Economic Analysis without a face to face interview is $250.

Economic Analysis of Life Care Plans.

The cost depends upon the complexity of the plan but usually runs between...

  • $600 and $1,200.

Simple Life Care Plans.

Although I am not a specialist in life care planning, I can put together simple life care plans in conjunction with recommendations of doctors and other professionals. For example, I often quantify the cost of custodial care, simple medical costs, medications, simple adaptive equipment, etc. The cost varies depending upon the complexity of the plan and whether an economic analysis of the plan is required.

  • They usually cost approximately $1,200.
    • For the ferreting out of unknown costs and estimates of complex adaptive systems a specialist in life care planning is recommended.

Hourly Rate for Testimony, Travel, etc. $275 per hour.

Under certain conditions I remit some of my travel and wait time. This depends upon whether I can use the time productively.




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